Aden-een, The Shell Fireworks Parade 2016
Now in its eighth year the Shell Fireworks Parade brings together and engages hundreds of participants from across Aberdeenshire, giving young people real and transferable skills and experiences as they create routines, props and
performances for the big event.

Modo is committed to ensuring the event can enjoyed safely by the whole community.

We continue to receive huge support from Shell and others, without which this event would not be possible, but as the number of audience and young people increases, so do the costs of creating the event, and keeping it safe.

Aden-een is a youth regeneration project led by Modo in partnership with Shell, Aden Country Park, Buchan Development Partnership, Community Planning Partners and Aberdeenshire Council.

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"On the night the young people just blossom. And when you see them afterwards they’re just so proud of themselves and you can’t buy that kind of satisfaction." - Professional