Encounter Everyday Essentials

In response to increasing demand, Modo and Community Connect are establishing a store of everyday essentials that young people need but, due to personal circumstances, cannot afford.

The items will be stored in Encounter in Drummer’s Corner, and can be accessed any time the Youth Café is open (Mon 4-8pm, Wed 6-8pm & Fri 4-8pm), or at other times by arrangement.

The service is free and open to any young person (whether they normally attend Modo or not) and completely confidential. Young people just need to ask a member of staff.

We are looking for donations of the following items for young people from P1 right up to S6. So if you are emptying wardrobes for the new season or about to take clothes to the charity shop or the recycling centre, please consider this as well.

We are looking for:


Good as new clothing

Jackets Jumpers Joggers/trousers Shoes

Gloves Hats

New clothing

Socks T shirts Pyjamas/onesies


Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant etc..

Sanitary products including starter kits

School Accessories

Stationary School bags

"You’ve given me a new life to look forward to and with the awards and stuff it’s completely changed me". - Participant