What is social circus?

Social circus uses circus to create positive social change. Targeting at-risk groups, the goal is not to learn the circus skills, but to allow participants to change their lives through the passion it brings. It encourages personal and social development by nurturing self-esteem and trust, helping participants to acquire social skills, become active citizens, express their creativity and realize their potential.

Social circus uses the skills, techniques and discipline of a variety of artforms (circus, dance and street theatre) to engage, empower, educate and inspire participants, including the disengaged and the hard to reach. It is participant centred in choosing approaches or outcomes.

Social circus can be used to tackle a wide range of social or individual challenges becoming a catalyst to changing the image, outlook and capabilities of participants. 

"The whole event was just amazing loved every part, the atmosphere was brilliant and the walk through the woods made it super spooky. Well done to everyone who took part!" Audience Member