Personal Development

Modo's social circus model encourages young people to participate in a positive manner, while stimulating social and personal development. Modo harnesses the thrill, chaos, discipline, physicality and raw excitement of circus and street theatre to engage participants, and to help to support them in developing the skills and confidence to progress, and to create their own positive pathway.

The underlying approach is based on reinforcing positive behaviour and setting clear boundaries. Participants learn the importance of praise, of marking achievements and being consistent in applying consequences.

Modo has on-the-ground experience of the need for creative, non-gender specific, inclusive activities. In particular there is a real need for positive, developmental activities that engage young people otherwise not engaged. The thrills and skills of circus are particularly apt for this ‘front-line’ engagement, and it is in this field that partners and communities are particularly keen on our involvement.  

"The greatest benefit will be to the community. We can all feel that little bit more confident, more proud of our community." Audience Member