Training and Accreditation

Modo is proud to play a real role in providing and supporting young people in positive pathways.

Sometimes this means giving them the skills and confidence to apply for work, sometimes this means providing volunteering opportunities or the first experience of employment.

Wherever possible, Modo will seek to accredit participants for their achievements, ensuring they get the recognition they deserve and that the progress is transferable to other openings.

We use a number of ways of accrediting those who give their time, commitment and skills. Modo is signed up to deliver a range of awards including:

  • Saltire Awards and YAVA through Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire
  • Dynamic Youth and Youth Achievement awards through Aberdeenshire Council
  • Core Skills through Adult Learning Partnership

In the last year, over 150 young people have gained accreditation through Modo.

"Modo were professional, inspirational and brilliant. They brought a level of skill, expertise and commitment never experienced before." Community Worker